FAQsCommon FlashZone questions are answered here.

What is the essence of FlashZone?

With FlashZone you are able to show the world what you’re interested in and interact with people who share those same interests nearby.

Is it a total online experience?

Actually it can be an online and a real world experience. We are trying to bridge the gap between total digital immersion and “getting out there“ into the real world. Right now it’s mostly digital, but that will be changing drastically in our next version when we add the real-world element.

How do I start?

Choose interests from the list or create your own. Other users will see your interests and they might add them to their list. That’s the beginning of the interest communities we are building.

Can I add or delete interests?

Yes. Anytime. Go to your flashtag manager. That’s the nerve center for your flashtags.

Can I use FlashZone personally or as part of an organization?

Most people use FlashZone personally, but entire organizations can use it to keep in touch while they’re on the go. It’s great for spontaneous meetings. You can use the name of your organization or project as a flashtag and tell others in your org to do the same

What's a flashtag?

A flashtag is your interest beacon to match you up with others nearby. It’s your on-the-go geographic hashtag.

What's a flash?

A flash is a post that goes into your local FlashZone area, which is the local area where you are at that moment.

What's a reflash?

A reflash is a way for users to share flashes and comment on them.

Can I edit a flash after it's been posted?

No. But you can delete it at any time.

Can I share photos and videos in a flash?

Yes. You can share either. You will be able to take photos and short in-app videos or post from your gallery. Also, you can share video links.

Can I delete comments I have made on other users’ flashes?


Who can post on my profile?

Anyone can tag you in a flash and that flash will be posted on your profile. If you block a user that user cannot post to your profile. You can delete any flash or comment found on your profile.

What are messages?

Messages are private messages sent from one FlashZ​one user to another, t​h​ey do not appear in public. If you do not want a user to message you, then you can block that user.

How can I change my username?

You can choose your username at signup, but after that your username can’t be changed. You can change your display name at any time. Tap the pencil icon on your profile.

Should I share my email address with FlashZone?

You should share your email in case you ever forget your password. You will need it to get back into your account. If you change to a different email address please update your email info on the edit profile page. Get there by tapping the pencil icon on your profile. Other users do not see your email address.

What if I can't login or have technical problems?

Go to Resources on the main menu. Get to that menu from the “pancake stack” on the home screen. You can contact us from there or from here: admin@flashzone.com

Unlock Your Local Influence

Unlock Your Local Influence
FlashZone is an IOS app that is pioneering the future of local communities. It creates real-time communication channels on any interest topics with people nearby you.

You’ve been missing out on connecting with the people nearby, but not anymore. See the local conversation and connect with people with the same FlashTag Interests as you, wherever you go…

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